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Airport Row

Below is a list of all of our favorite wineries found in the Airport Row side of Walla Walla. After speaking with you and the group we will create a special tour for everyone.


Dunham Cellars

The winery makes its home in a rustic, remodeled World War II era airplane hangar in Walla Walla, Washington, and celebrated its 20th "Platinum" Anniversary in 2015.

(509) 529-4685


Adamant Cellars

Come & enjoy the mystery, pleasure, & excitement of Adamant Cellars' unique wines.

(509) 529-4161


Tamarack Cellars

Tamarack's wines offer a delicious expression of Washington vineyards' style and elegance.

(509) 526-3533


Cavu Cellars

Most people would probably think deciding to start a winery is something you do after many years of planning. Well, sometimes it happens a little differently. Visit us to learn more.

(509) 540-6350


Buty Cellars

Today, Buty’s sought-after, limited-production wines are recognized as benchmarks for quality, creativity and value—offering a rare intersection of all three elements.

(509) 5527-0901


Prospice Wine

Prospice is the creation of two friends with a shared vision for wines, winemaking and the impulse to craft an artisanal product.

(509) 204-3184

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